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Traditional Italian Restaurant Emerges with Contemporary Style Thanks to Custom Lighting

Located in Old Montreal, BEVO Bar and Pizzeria is an old style Italian restaurant turned trendy. Combining wood-fired pizzas with original cocktails, it offers fine dining seven days per week and a DJ Thursday through Saturday on two floors.

The renovation to get to the vibrant and modern ambience now evident was comprehensive. Montreal design firm Camdi Design was given the task of re-inventing the location.
“We gutted everything,” explained Pierre Brousseau, President at Camdi Design, “The only original piece left was the staircase.”

Brousseau’s team set about the re-design from a blank canvas. All existing wood was painted black to create a dramatic contrast against the stone walls, and a 70ft long bar was installed with its front and shelves behind illuminated with LEDs. Bubble chairs were suspended under the staircase and a brand new pizza oven was made visible to diners.

Bloom Lighting Group was enlisted to create custom lighting elements for the project. Among them, visually stunning smoked acrylic globes suspended throughout the lower level dining area. The globes are 16” in diameter with opening at the bottom. They are mounted with a 3 candelabra base cluster of sockets and use vintage tungsten bulbs.

Upstairs, the space is decorated with hand forged wrought iron style lanterns in a matte black finish. These lanterns are 18” high and 10” in diameter. They feature antique mock candle flame bulbs.

A center piece chandelier hangs between the levels, allowing upper level diners to look down on a piece that is above the patrons downstairs. It is also made of hand forged wrought iron and has the same antique bulbs as the smoked acrylic globes below – using 16 in all. It is 48” high and 54” in diameter.

Finally chrome pendants designed in maritime style draw attention to the pizza oven area.

Montreal, Quebec
Camdi Design, Montreal, Quebec

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