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Custom lighting provides warmth and interest at Taverne Gaspar

Located in Old Montreal, Taverne Gaspar is a contemporary gastro pub in a space that was originally a 19th century warehouse. Its oak woodwork, brass accents, and stone walls are complemented by custom lighting from Bloom Lighting Group.

Camdi Design created the interior and chose the lighting elements with a focus on warm, cosy and comfortable.

The main illumination is provided by a minimalist circular frame chandelier with six antique light bulbs. These incandescent bulbs have clear glass that makes the filament visible and provides a nostalgic feel. The same bulbs hang individually along the length of the bar.

Camdi Design worked with Bloom Lighting Group to create a unique lighting element on the shelves behind the bar. A row of old green beer bottles were individually fitted with small lamps. These lamps operate on a single circuit to provide an eye-catching feature.

LED strips light up the stone walls behind dining booths.

Taverne Gaspar
Montreal, Quebec
Camdi Design, Montreal

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