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Custom lighting brings nature inside at Hotel Emotion

Located at the Estérel Resort in the Laurentian Mountains area of Quebec, the Emotion Hotel is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Guests can gaze out of their windows at a serene lake view, framed by evergreens that reach out to the silhouetted outline of mountains on the horizon.

“We wanted to make sure the lake and the beautiful landscape was visible wherever possible – from corridors, staircases and common areas as well as guest rooms,” explained Pierre Brousseau, president of Camdi Design, who designed the hotel’s interior. “And we wanted to bring the nature inside by using the right design elements and lighting.”

The firm set about designing a space that was inspired by nature. The lighting would play a focal role in realizing that vision.

To maintain interest, the design team was careful to avoid a uniform lighting style throughout the hotel. The firm chose to work with Bloom Lighting Group to create custom lighting elements based on leaf designs and natural elements to give every area a unique, fresh feel.

The experience begins in the lobby with a series of 6 contemporary chandeliers in front of the reception desk. Created with hand formed glass features hanging from laser cut metal branches, the fixtures are finished in white to resemble snow covered tree tops.

Along the corridors, 120 linear wall mounted lights, made with teak veneer and a vertical grain low gloss finish overlay, mark the way. And guest rooms are identified with LED number fixtures.

Common areas are adorned with a soothing yellowish glow from a series of floor lamps; the white acrylic diffuser and linen fabric shade softening the light produced by 9 medium base GU24 lamps. The areas are illuminated and energized by pendants that feature chrome ribbons, swirling wild as if blowing in the wind. In the restaurant, crystal balls appear like raindrops hanging from the chromed wire chandeliers. They reflect natural light through the large windows in the daytime, and sparkle with the warm glow created by the light source in the evenings.

Pendants from the David Trubridge lighting collection hang above the staircase leading from the restaurant down to the spa and lake outside. The cluster features three products, Kina, Hinaki and Koura that allow the visitor to see through the shades to the landscape outside, as they descend the stairs.

Large 36” diameter globes made with a series of polished chrome metal rings compliment the stone flooring and walls in the corporate area. And finally, orange and white suspended fixtures gave a modern feel in the guest condo apartments. With polycarbonate fins of various densities and shapes clipped on to radial core, these lights provide a diffused ambient illumination.

Hotel Emotion
Estérel, Quebec
Camdi Design, Montreal, Quebec
Peter Ford Photography
Peter Ford Photography

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