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“New Lake House echoes modern Adirondacks aesthetic with custom lighting from Bloom Lighting Group”

Nestled in the mountains at the High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, New York, the Lake House’s expansive windows overlook the peaceful Mirror Lake. Inside, warm gathering spaces evoke days gone by, a throwback to the Great Camps of the Adirondacks whose guests celebrated the natural beauty of the outdoors without leaving civilization behind.

Contracted to redesign the former Lakeview Motor Inn, New York architecture and design firm, Mapos LLC aimed to redefine the motel experience while staying true to the region’s rustic roots. The firm set about designing a space that reflected the glory days of the modern motor inn, interspersed with cedar wood and vibrant red accents to recall the rich history of the region.

“We were inspired by the warm imperative of the Adirondacks and layered on top of that is the spirit of adventure and the freedom of the highway from the romantic era of the motel in the 1950s and 1960s,” explained Mapos co-founder, Caleb Mulvena. “With the Lake House, we see this interplay between the modern and the rustic; it’s Mad Men meets the Adirondacks.”

In addition to local design touches at the Lake House, such as a large USGS map greeting visitors on arrival and a mural of hockey sticks paying homage to the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games, the firm used lighting to play a focal role in realizing their vision.

“We were interested in using light as a way to foster that sense of community that we saw in earlier motor inns,” said Mulvena. “To draw people in, we highlighted gathering spaces with designated light zones that project a warm, welcoming ambiance.”

Three different sizes of chandeliers are used, ranging from 78” to 126” in diameter. Each has vertical rods, hosting light sources at both ends, distributed around the circumference of its rings. Set at different heights, and laid out in an irregular fashion, these powerful lighting statements provide a dynamic effect and add depth to the space.

Mapos partnered with Bloom Lighting Group to create custom lighting elements to give every area of the hotel an inviting, nature-inspired feel, including an esoteric 6-foot long pendant over the front desk that serves as a microcosm of the Lake House’s design aesthetic.

Like the outside of the hotel, the same iconic color that distinguishes the Lake House’s brand accentuates the pendant’s dark wood exterior. Its modern rectangular frame opens up into a wash of ruby red, with two peaks reaching upwards, paralleling the surrounding landscape. Lit by a micro fluorescent bulb, the large pendant serves as a statement piece in the reception area, highlighting it with a gentle glow.

Along the corridors, triangular wall mounted room markers cast pools of light around each red door, and illuminate room numbers. Made from a 2mm metal housing and frosted white plexiglass, light emanates from two 3000K LED strips. 

Within each room, freestanding floor lamps measuring 5 feet, 9 inches occupy the far corner. Small polycarbonate diffusers over tall wooden bases reflect the hotel’s rustic motif, while soft white compact fluorescent bulbs cast flattering light laterally across the room to soften shadows. 

Finally, at either side of the bed, two console table lamps made of glazed ceramic flow downwards before tapering back into a wooden plinth. Creamy white linen shades diffuse comfortable, warm light throughout, transforming the room into a relaxing, accommodating space.

“We set out to enhance guest experience by making people feel good about the space, and about themselves,” said Mulvena. “With Bloom’s help, I think the Lake House has undergone a remarkable transformation and we are thrilled with the great public response.”

Lake House
Lake Placid
Mapos LLC
Peter Ford

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