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Bloom Lighting Group Helps Bring a Contemporary Twist to the Familiar Style of the Courtyard Montreal Airport

Courtyard by Marriott is a renowned brand familiar with travelers for hotel comfort and convenience. Located just a few minutes from the city’s Trudeau Airport, the Courtyard Montreal Airport recently underwent a major renovation of its restaurant and bar area, lobby, and business center.

“We had to maintain the precisely defined design criteria of the Courtyard brand while modernizing the hotel’s feel,” said Pierre Brousseau, President at Camdi Design, the firm chosen to re-design the space. “We respected the traditional color scheme of the brand and kept the gold accents. Then we added blue accents on the chairs and drapery and brought it to life with contemporary lighting elements.”

Bloom Lighting Group created the custom lighting that features throughout the re-designed areas, including a center piece decorative chandelier in the lobby.

The chandelier has a vertical polished chrome center pole supporting protruding spoke like arms of various lengths. Each arm has two G4-LED, 3 watt lamps with a chrome metal tube base and a white frosted glass diffuser. Hanging from a steel cable and polished chrome metal canopy, it measures 1 meter high by 1.3 meters in diameter at its widest point.

Five decorative pendants hang above the reception desk. Each has a tubular glass shade that is clear at the top and bottom, and frosted around the middle. They have a polished chrome canopy and stem, and each holds one E12, 40 watt lamp.

Adjacent to the lobby is a lounge area and a short corridor leading to the elevators and business center. Both areas have wall mounted lamps with ivory trim and white acrylic diffusers. They are mounted with a polished chrome metal stem and back plate connected by a walnut wood frame. Each lamp has one 23 watt dimmable fluorescent bulb.

In the lounge area, the center pieces are two large chandeliers with cylindrical, two part fabric shades. The larger outer shade is dark brown and overhangs the smaller ivory colored inner tier shade extending from below. The shade is finished off with a cream acrylic diffuser at the bottom and a white acrylic diffuser on top. The fixture has four 3500K, dimmable 23 watt CFL lamps.

In the corridor, the same dark and ivory shade combination is used, but this time in a prominent rectangular form. Measuring nearly three and a half meters in length the shade encompasses eighteen E26 23 watt dimmable CFL light sources.

The same rectangular shade is used in the dining area with longer polished chrome finished stems. It is mounted above the breakfast serving space and wine rack to draw attention to that part of the space. And over the bar, there are more tubular glass shaded pendants like those above the reception desk.

Finally, in the business center the cylindrical two part shades from the lounge area are replicated and complemented with wall mounted lights exactly like those in the lounge area and corridor. This space is finished off with two table lamps with the same style of shade as the chandelier. The table lamps have an E26 23 watt lamp mounted on a polished chrome metal stem, encased in a clear glass tube and sitting on a polished chrome base.

With the renovated interior including custom lighting, the new space has been re-designed to combine a welcoming Courtyard style with a contemporary twist.

Courtyard Montreal Airport
Montreal, Quebec
Camdi Design, Montreal, Quebec
Peter Ford Photography
Peter Ford Photography

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