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A Contemporary Look in Fisherman’s Wharf

Located in the heart of San Francisco, at the crossroads of historic North Beach and Fisherman’s Wharf, the 4-star Pier 2620 Hotel prides itself on providing an engaging, friendly and authentic experience, drawing on its raw shipyard surroundings.

As part of a significant redevelopment, the design team at Anderson/Miller Ltd. was mandated to create an environment inspired the industrial waterfront, and they set about combining original art, fabrics, colors and lighting to achieve the desired effect

The lighting was a crucial part of the overall design aesthetic. Anderson/Miller Ltd. turned to Bloom Lighting Group to create custom contemporary ceiling fixtures in the elevator corridors on all 3 floors.

The interlocking grid of exposed metal pipes extends across the ceiling, with bare incandescent light bulbs at each juncture. The fixtures contribute a bright, funky, eclectic tone to an industrial-look space of exposed rough concrete walls and bright red doors. Hotel guests are treated to a public space that is modern yet inviting.

Pier 2620 Hotel
San Francisco, California
Anderson/Miller Ltd., Chicago, Illinois

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