Enoteca Mozza

Custom Lighting Balances Old World Aesthetic at Enoteca Mozza

Inspired by the old country, Quebec’s first Enoteca Mozza – Pizzeria Moderna was born from a passion for all things fresh, simple, and authentically Italian.

Using family recipes passed down from generation to generation, and an extensive wine cellar to match, Enoteca Mozza has expanded into three well-loved eateries in Montreal and surrounding areas.

In the heart of downtown Montreal, the restaurant was designed by the award-winning DiMarco Ferrao Design group, known for their memorable interiors in some of the city’s hottest restaurant locations.

When it came to designing the new Enoteca Mozza, DiMarco Ferrao needed to balance Montreal’s sophistication with Italy’s old world charm.

Airy, open spaces combined with rich, dark wood, black and white photographs and exuberant custom lighting lend the Enoteca Mozza an air of rustic elegance, elevating it beyond its pizzeria designation.

Contrasted against the refined simplicity of the interior, the restaurant’s lighting was carefully selected to make a bold statement while still remaining cohesive. Drawing on Enoteca Mozza’s guiding principles, the firm turned to Bloom Lighting Group to help create seven custom oversized pendants that provide a sense of luxury and grandeur while still reflecting the simplicity and authenticity of Italian home cooking.

Located throughout the dining areas, the seven suspended pendant fixtures have a distinctive rectangular box shape with decorative, brushed bronze finished bands on five sides. Suspended by brushed bronze-finished square metal tubing, the pendants feature white acrylic panels 1/4” thick that allow light to radiate outward from within. Measuring 36” x 36” x 42”, each fixture is fitted with four Par38 LED medium base lamps to project a soft glow that enhances the romantic, softly lit evening atmosphere.

Enoteca Mozza
Montreal, Quebec
DiMarco Ferrao Design
Peter Ford

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