Marketplace Sugarhouse Casino

The Marketplace at Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia is the hub of the casino restaurants with distinct identities yet open boundaries that seamlessly flow between each other. Inspired by the industrial neighborhood DMAC designed and commissioned BLOOM LIGHTING GROUP to custom build a barrel light ceiling feature that hangs as a conversation piece in the space. A 4×8 grid of 55-gallon barrels flipped upside are lit from within and reveal inside the interior rim the names of the city boroughs Wrapped around the cluster of barrels is a metal mesh screen printed with an abstract street map of Philadelphia.

BLOOM LIGHTING GROUP handled the production of the 32 barrels flawlessly. And the black barrels become the background for the screen map to visually emerge. What could have been a shopping mall food court, DMAC makes the Marketplace at Sugar House Casino a vibrant dining space that weaves guests through and keeps them guessing!

Marketplace Sugarhouse Casino
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photo Credit
Courtesy of DMAC Architecture & Interiors.

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