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New Award-Winning Caribbean Boutique Resort Stuns with Custom Lighting

The first new hotel to open in six years on the secluded Caribbean island of Anguilla, the Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa’s six oceanfront acres offer impressive views of the pristine white sand and brilliant turquoise waters of Anguilla’s famous Shoal Bay East. Within its 69-room property, carefully designed spaces blend modern luxury with the island’s rich heritage and natural environment to offer diverse and unique experiences that delight the senses and capture the imagination.

Contracted to design the interiors of all public spaces within the Zemi Beach House, Miami-based interior designer Cuba-Fernandez Inc. stayed true to lead architect Lane Pettigrew’s vision of clean lines interspersed with local Caribbean flair. The resulting spaces reflect a modern design aesthetic that combines stylish upscale furnishings with interesting and dramatic accents, particularly with regards to the lighting, which plays a focal role within each of the public spaces.

Cuba-Fernandez partnered with Bloom Lighting Group to create 23 custom lighting fixtures for the Resort’s many public spaces, including the 20 Knots and Stone restaurants, the Concierge Building, and the Shoal Bay Beach Club Bar and Lounge.

“We were looking for interesting outdoor lighting fixtures that would combine good light with dramatic style,” said Zeke Fernandez, Principal at Cuba-Fernandez Design. “Bloom was able to create custom finishes that were ideal for the Zemi Beach House.”

The resulting standout luminaires make a dramatic statement in each of their respective spaces. In the 20 Knots Restaurant, five large octagonal dark steel cage pendants fitted with candelabra base lamps and glass hurricanes reflect the open-style layout of the surrounding space.

Additionally, the restaurant also features an array of horizontal pendants fitted with hand blown glass cubes over dimmable candelabras and recessed LED downlights. Four custom pendants with five glass cubes and one pendant with three provide adjustable lighting over bar areas to match the changing natural light.

In the Stone Restaurant, an enormous 16ft x 16ft square luminaire features 65 hanging lights with dimmable candelabra bases and clear glass shades. A standout in the restaurant, this impressive custom luminaire echoes the bright stars of the sky above and catches the imagination along with the eye.

In the Concierge building, four wall sconces help illuminate common areas. A rectangular opaque vanilla glass shade contrasts nicely against dark aged bronze panels. Half-oval welded bars provide a striated texture on the exposed metal, evoking the trunk of an exotic tree or sand ripples on the beach.

The Concierge building also includes an open globe pendant luminaire with custom hammered flat bars. The exposed metal’s dark bronze finish matches the wall sconce panels while its open cage structure balances any resulting visual weight.

In the Shoal Bay Beach Club, six dramatic hexagonal brass pendants line the bar. Their custom laser-cut pattern and polished brass with burnished finish both project and reflect light, resulting in a visually striking glow in daylight and at night.

Finally, in the Beach Club’s lounge area, a massive 12-foot and 7-foot diameter double-hooped pendant with integrated light rings illuminates the space below. With its dark bronze finish and nylon ropes, the luminaire summons a nautical ship theme appropriate for this beach-side bar and lounge.

The result is a sight to be seen; the impactful aesthetic of the lighting makes a statement in their already opulent surroundings. “We are extremely happy with the lighting, and so was our client” said Fernandez.

Since its opening in February 2016, the Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa has received high praise and garnered much media attention thanks to its stunning architecture, unbeatable views and high-class amenities. Most notably, the Zemi Beach House was named the world’s Best Beach Hotel by Jetsetter.com in its 2016 Best of the Best Awards, high praise indeed for the island’s most recent addition.

Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa
Shoal Bay Village, Anguilla
Cuba-Fernandez Design Inc.

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