Blue Cactus

Whimsical Pendants Refresh Popular Byward Market Restaurant

Located in Ottawa’s popular Byward Market area, the Blue Cactus Restaurant combines casual daytime ambience and vibrant evening atmosphere for a unique dining experience. With contemporary cuisine and award-winning cocktails, the Blue Cactus has cemented its place as one of Ottawa’s premier restaurant choices for over 27 years.

Looking to enhance and modernize the existing interior design of the Blue Cactus without full renovations, the restaurant collaborated with Susan Firestone Design Associates, known for their exceptional commercial and residential interior design solutions. As a large, open space with floor-to-ceiling windows, the Blue Cactus required lighting that would add a soft glow and offer a kick of drama to its refined décor.

The restaurant’s lighting was carefully selected to add a whimsical and airy feel to the rich adobe and brick tones, balancing the restaurant’s earthy Southwest design style. The firm turned to Bloom Lighting Group to create eight custom oversize cloud-like fixtures to replace dated shade style pedants in the bar and lounge area.

Making a statement over the bar, seven of the eight pendant fixtures are composed of a cluster of stainless-steel branches with 63 small acrylic diffuser bulbs per luminaire. Four of the pendants feature yellow diffusers, while the remaining three have white diffusers to vary the lighting tone and provide visual interest. Measuring 38.5” by 25.5”, each diffuser is fitted with long-lasting and low-maintenance, 2700K and 4000K LED bulbs to project a soft glow over the dark wooden bar.

In the lounge, a dramatic custom pendant contrasts nicely against the area’s dark bar tables and rustic ceramic floor tiles. Divided into concentric layers, the luminaire echoes the stainless steel branch-like forms of the seven above-bar pendants. At 82” in diameter, the first layer features 324 yellow acrylic diffusers with 2700K LED bulbs, while the second 62.9” diameter layer has 216 white acrylic diffusers with 4000K LED bulbs. A clear power cord on all custom fixtures ensures they blend seamlessly into the ceiling above.

Blue Cactus
Ottawa, Ontario
Susan Firestone Design Associates, Ottawa, Ontario
Michelle Valberg
Michelle Valberg

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