Carol Hughes

Born at the Beach in Salisbury Maryland gave me an appreciation for nature as the truest art form as well as respect for its regenerative qualities, this led me to peruse a degree in Commercial Art from East Carolina University. I had the intention of double majoring in psychology & art; however, I graduated in the latter and pursued the former. Art led to Furniture, and my career launched in sales.

After 5 years on the East Coast, I traded the ocean for the Rocky Mountains and began working with Bob and Chuck Eisen to start trail blazing a career as a manufacturer’s representative in the innovative world of furniture & lighting design and manufacturing. This totally thrilled me as my job allows me to use my passions for connecting people and to creative unique environments and the challenge to meet expectations on time and in budget. Little did I know we would be pioneering the hospitality industry!

I am Fortunate to work for several manufactures of art, furniture & lighting, Light is magical – the glow and the ambiance can change the mood with a flick of a switch. I am delighted to work for Bloom Lighting – they are master craftsman and manufactures of unique illuminating sculptures.

The world continues to give me glimpses of the happiness it has in store for me. I met my amazing husband in Colorado, and he mirrors my sense of adventure. We have 4 wonderful children –well now… young adults, we are blessed as they have filled our lives with joy, a little chaos, and tons of inspiration. We love to travel and 5 out of 10 trips include the beach the rest include a mountain view, most include water, lake, river, reservoir, creek, ocean, waterfalls – I am not picky! I love walking barefoot on the sand, I love walking barefoot in the grass, I like hiking in boots.

Fun facts: I don’t play golf but live on a golf course, I had to sign away my life insurance policy to Sky Dive, but I am here to talk about it, I married a white-water rafting guide from the first place I ever rafted, I can’t back a boat trailer into the ramp very well, but I like to boat. I can 4 – wheel, but much better at 2 wheels ( non-motorized ) , I have done Ride the Rockies 4 times and thought I was done and now my husband wants to

Favorite quotes – I have two.

Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary Destany.” – CS Lewis

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the end.
– CS Lewis.