Deville Diner

Located in downtown Montreal, the Deville Dinerbar brings nostalgia into the 21st century with a unique twist on the traditional diner. Created by Rm Design, the space embraces décor elements of diners past, and is brought to life by three custom made American diner style chandeliers from Bloom Lighting Group.

The chandelier’s outer diffusers are made of ¼” Star Fire glass panels, with the stylized Deville name printed directly on the glass. The inside diffusers utilize a clear acrylic and the formed cylinders are sandblasted inside and out with a colored magenta film. White acrylic diffusers conceal the light source when viewing from the bottom.

The chandeliers are finished off with a polished chrome metal frame, and perforated polished chrome panels.

Deville Dinerbar
Montreal, Quebec
Rm Design, Montreal, Quebec

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