Dream Hotel

Unforgettable Art Deco hotel experience using custom lighting

The Dream Hotel, located in South Beach, Florida, creates an unforgettable experience. Custom lighting from Bloom Lighting Group features prominently through this unique Art Deco meets French Moroccan chic hotel.

Ceiling lighting in the guest rooms features cascading shades made of octagonal beads and clear crystal balls that diffuse the light.

In the lobby, rectangular fixtures are adorned with three curtains of octagonal beads, dropping to different heights. Each curtain is finished with a 30mm diameter crystal ball at its lowest point. Each fixture has six beauty spot light sources and two linear strips that provide functional lighting as well as a stunning design element.

The distinctive Moroccan Room is illuminated by striking orange fringed LED fixtures. Rectangular in shape, the fringes of orange tassels are so dense that they conceal the 3 LED strips providing the illumination.

Finally, in the Tudor House restaurant, elegant and simple black chandeliers provide the perfect accent to clean design of the space.

Dream South Beach
Miami, Florida
Architropolis, Portland, Oregon

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