Johnny Shammas

Johnny Shammas is the Production Director for Bloom Lighting Group. His passion for cultivating beauty through his work in the lighting industry fuels his work and allows him to provide superior results to his clients. He has 20 years of experience in the lighting industry and through this experience has developed extensive knowledge of every aspect of the business. From functional to artistic lighting solutions, Johnny offers distinct quality in every project he oversees.

For 10 years, he sold and promoted top North American and European brands of technical and decorative lighting fixtures. This experience provided him with in-depth knowledge of available product options and quality standards. He applies this extensive knowledge to all his current projects to ensure that his clients receive only the highest quality products and materials for their projects.

For the past 10 years, Johnny has focused on production management. In this capacity, he has been instrumental in managing an assortment of high-quality projects throughout North America, Europe, Middel east & far east. Through this experience, he has become highly skilled at putting together the perfect team for a project and making sure that everything from concept to finished product reflects his dedication to superior quality that perfectly captures even the smallest detail.

Working with Bloom Lighting Group, Johnny Shammas proudly serves as part of a team that offers unmatched lighting solutions. As an expert in custom-made lighting design and production, he helps clients to create works that reflect their unique vision. He enjoys the challenge of bringing beautiful and innovative lighting from the design page to reality. Illuminating the world through artistry and technique is both a passion, a skill and something he looks forward to continuing onto the future.